About Bettys

We are a spirited, love filled, young, bootstrappin' lil' company.  Bettys Naturals is Woman and minority owned. The magic happens with the time and talent of a few amazing wing-women.  We are hand pouring and hand labeling so you can bet it's made with way more love than any of the big guys. 

BETTYS NATURALS PRODUCTS ARE FREE OF: animal products/byproducts, gluten, parabens, preservatives, phthalates, SLS, SLSA, SLES, petrochemicals, DEA, TEA, MEA.  We are conscience of our environmental footprint and minimize the use of excess packaging when possible.  Soaps are wrapped only in biodegrable paper (put it in your compost pile if you like), plastic coated labels are also kept to a minimum throughout the entire product line.  

Commercially produced liquid body wash (really its closer to detergent than soap) & shampoo bottling have a huge footprint.  Here's a quick breakdown.  The manufacture and transport of chemicals to make plastic bottle, transport to manufacturing facility of the bottle itself, environmental waste as result of manufacturing process.  Transport of bottle to distributor.  transport bottle to end user.  Then theres all the paperwork and packing materials generated from each movement and sale.  There are some of our products that are liquid or semi liquid and only these products use recyclable plastics and or glass.  

 So feel good about your Bettys Naturals purchase and reducing waste and footprint.

In layman's terms we do not use synthetic chemicals to clean, preserve, create lather, emulsify our products.  NO WEIRD STUFF EVER.

We strive for 100% natural.  The product lines that meet this standard are labeled ALL NATURAL.  The essential oils are unadulterated, undiluted and certified by an independent party.  

Bettys Naturals still has a strong customer base that demand more natural ingredients but do not care for natural essential scent.  These customers want a fragrance that is not made by a plant, tree or shrub.  Bettys Naturals has researched suppliers. We selected our suppliers because they voluntarily removed phthalates from their fragrance oils years ago. Additionally, our supplier's oils are vegan, paraben and sulfate free.  Same great formulations but these products are not labeled ALL Natural.  These products may be labeled by the % of natural ingredients.

For new large wholesale and custom orders our soaps are at their finest after a month cure. At this point we then package and ship them off to you!  

If you are looking for a custom order we are happy to accommodate.  Minimum order requirements may apply.  

For wholesale requests please use the contact tab. Minimum order requirements apply.  Prepay only on new wholesale accounts (terms may be established on subsequent orders). 

Bettys Naturals is up for task.  So if you are looking for wedding favors, customer appreciation gifts email us directly with your order requirements.  We can customize sizes and labeling.  Special quoting  applies.

In Stock products will ship normally within 1-4 business days.  

We support USPS! Shipping will be first class mail for orders weighing 13 oz or less and Priority mail for anything above that weight.   A shipping notification will be sent to the email address provided when order is sent for shipment.

Should you have product questions we are always happy to help.  Send your question via the contact tab

Our business has been built on great products and super happy customers.  Please email us your feedback and help us continue to serve and grow by liking and sharing us on Facebook.  Product reviews available on our Facebook page.

May you be well and happy!

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