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Dirty Dog Shampoo Bar


All Natural. Our bestseller! Heres why. We have selected each of the ingredients in dirty dog after a vast amount of research on what is and what isn't safe and effective on dogs. Of those ingredients we chose ones that also offer remarkable safe pest repelling properties. Sadly, there is much misinformation on this topic and many are using ingredients like tea tree oil and pennyroyal that are not safe for animals. We have mindfully balanced the essential oil and neem to not be overwhelming for the canine sense of smell and delicate skin. We have added colloidal oatmeal to make this super gentle. Our customers have reported that dogs with hot spots, itching and skin issues have made improvements since using Dirty Dog. My own personal testimony is I have not had to commercial flea treat my dog since using Dirty Dog Soap and he is itching less. This is good news!