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No Funk Pit Stick Deodorant ™ (natural, aluminum free, vegan and 24 hour odor protection)

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The No Funk Pit Stick (NFPS) is a rock star for preventing odor ALL DAY LONG (our customers never need to re-apply during the day!). Powerful enough to be clinical protection less all the toxic chemicals. Natural, aluminum free odor protection. Our blend of essential oils are anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. While this product is a deodorant our blend arrowroot powder and bentonite clay help keep you dry. Just a dab will keep you funk free even at the end of the day! No Funk Pit Stick is a long lasting, healthful & effective natural deodorant. How long lasting (avg. 3 months some folks even more per tube)=great value! Free of: aluminum, parabens, triclosan, sulfates (SLS/ SLES), Propylene-glycol, gluten, perfume and synthetic fragrance, mineral oil (and other petroleum based chemicals. It is easy to apply, not sticky. With a light application YES you can were that black shirt and no stains!

~Proven 24 hour odor protection! Avid athletes, hot yogi's, everyday folk, laborious hard working folk, hormonal folk and folks that have tried every other natural rock, stick, cream have all benefited from the power of NFPS. Mineral clay and plant powder assist with dryness.

~ Free of the bad stuff: aluminum, petrochemicals, alcohol, gluten, propylene glycol, corn/soy, triclosan, talc, preservatives & parabens, animal by-products

~Natural ingredients-better for you and our environment. A product pure and effective enough to be sold by premier health and vitality stores.

~ Expertly blended essential oils provide clean scent for both men and women. Scent tones you may pick up; rosemary, thyme, sweet mint and lime. Our formulation is designed for highest efficacy and that means using essential oil with the highest anti-bacterial properties. The scent is clean and fresh, after initial application most find scent not to noticeable. You won't find cherry, strawberry or other synthetic scents in No Funk Pit Stick as synthetic scents do not fight bacteria.

~ You shared... we listened and No Funk Pit stick underwent a significant reformulation in 2017- You said "we want a product that is free of animal by-products like beeswax". You were right and we changed-No Funk Pit Stick is vegan. You said "we love pit stick but not the lemongrass scent". Yep... right again so we set out to make an efficacy machine that is fresh and clean with less volume of scent.

~Never tested on animals. Joyfully made in USA-woman owned business

Ingredients: Coconut oil, baking soda, arrowroot powder, candelilla wax, zinc oxide, bentonite clay, essential oils of: spearmint, rosemary, lime & thyme