Raw Shea Body Butter

Raw Shea Body Butter


Ahhhh the magic of REAL RAW UNREFINED SHEA BUTTER. Ok... it's not really magic but raw unrefined shea is indeed packed with skin loving properties. This is undiluted pure nothin but the good stuff. If it is not adding skin loving properties it will not be in our products.
The lotions and potions of the commercial mass produced market first ingredients are typically water or alcohol followed by chemical emulsifiers, preservatives, phthalates, DEA, SLS, SLES, petrochemicals, and formaldehyde releasing substances…). The shea used commercially is bleached deodorize and refined. These products drastically decrease the cost of product, increase self life, and is targeted to the consumer as if it smells good who cares.

We use raw unrefined shea. How do you know you have your happy hands on real raw shea…the scent and color. Raw unrefined shea is ivory to yellow in color and has an "earthy" scent. The refining process (what we get in shea products from most big box retailers) removes scent, color and some of the amazing nutrients! We do not "cook it" because we believe just like with food, some nutrition is lost when constant heat is added. That being said there may be a graininess but this will immediately melt into nourishment for your skin. This occasional graininess is from significant changes in temperature (shipping from Ghana to US, Distributor to Bettys, Bettys to Retail location or in shipping to you), We firmly feel that these occurrences are superseded by the benefits of SHEA in the RAW. Occasionally, small pieces of shea nut may sneak by the filtration process. Our first ingredient...raw unrefined shea. This means pure skin loving goodness, it also means a little goes a LONG way, so just a dab will do ya!!!! Enjoy the skin your in.

Net weight 5.5 oz.

Because our ingredients are all natural and we DO NOT use chemical stabilizers or preservatives. Please keep your butter at room temperature. Should you body butter be exposed to high temperatures, breathe…your precious butter will be ok! Return to average room temperature until solid... NOTE: it will have a thicker and different texture, don't worry it is still good! Each jar has been measured to contain 5.5 oz by weight not volume. Variations in volume and consistency are normal. Use within one year of opening. We have a safe preservative free body butter however it is important that your hands are clean and dry to prevent introduction of bacteria.

Ingredients: Raw unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, tapioca starch and/or arrowroot powder, (Pure Essential oil or Phthalate Free Fragrance)