Hair Magic Solid Conditioner Bar

Hair Magic Solid Conditioner Bar

1.8 oz/ 51 g bar
Benefits of our Solid Conditioner Bar
*SLS, SLES free
*Preservative free, Phthalate free, paragon free
*Plastic free (No worries about BPA and better for environment)
*Long Lasting 40% more use than conventional liquid conditioner
*Travel friendly (no leakage, lightweight, no TSA checkpoint issues)

Ingredients that make our formulation ROCK:
~Protein packed Hydrolyzed Quinoa-provides styling benefits and increasing body, shine, strength and healthy appearance of the hair. In addition, also helps retain hair color for beautiful, lustrous-looking hair.
~Babassu Oil known for it's outstanding emollient properties to leave hair conditioned
~Shea Butter has natural occurring Vitamins A, D and E, necessary for healthy hair and scalp.
~Panthenol, a provitamin of B5, is most celebrated for its ability to thicken tresses while speeding up growth and moisturizing, leaving hair silky and shiny.
~Rosemary essential oil believed to discourage Hair Loss and Boosts Growth
~Guar conditions without buildup and improves wet and dry comb-ability/detangling